Friday, August 5, 2011


So...beginnings are awkward, right?

The header says it all, pretty much: I'm part of the generation for whom Joshua Jackson will ALWAYS be Pacey Witter a.k.a MY DREAM MAN a.k.a the fictional character who has probably wrecked me for any real man, Katie Holmes will forever be fondly remembered as little Joey Potter and not the woman who made Tom Cruise creepily flip out on Oprah's couch, and James van der Beek will be a floppy haired emo wannabe film-maker named Dawson Leery (which always struck me as a kind of unfortunate spelling of the surname). As opposed to THIS GUY:

Much respect Dawson (like I said: he'll always be Dawson to me): you've aged  surprisingly well, and I approve of this.

Dawson's Creek was MY SHOW, you guys! At 18, I may have been slightly (or pretty radically) towards the tail end of the target 'teen' audience when it started screening here in NZ in prime time...but I never missed an episode of my stories. We even made up a drinking game based around rules like "Drink when Joey bites her lip and rolls her eyes"; "Drink when Jen walks like she is constipated"; "Drink when Dawson's Spielberg worship gets way too much to handle".

Until I did miss an episode. I missed a WHOLE SEASON. By Season Five Dawson's Creek wasn't cool enough for primetime anymore and I was too lazy and busy and unironically hipster cool to be bothered keeping up with a show that was on at like, 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. (Note: I am not at all cool, obviously). The show got shuffled around and shuffled around until I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHEN IT WAS ON. Long story short: I ended up missing most of Season Six, including the infamous finale, which I still haven't had the guts to watch. I KNOW HOW IT ENDS...I just don't ACTUALLY "know" how it ends. Forget LOST...

It's okay. I have all the dvds, and I think it's finally time to revisit Capeside. I'm kind of SUPER excited. You could say... I don't wanna wait.

 Is that sad?

Or hilarious?



  1. EXCITEMENT. I'm going to try and watch along with you Ness but I have a feeling I might lag behind... perhaps will catch 1 in 3 eps and rely on your posts to fill in the gaps.

    No mention of Michelle Williams in a where-is-she-now type situation. Is that because she has found credible success? I wouldn't have picked her to be the star 13 years later (13 years? Holy crap. That means when it originally screened I was the same age as the characters. I do not remember identifying with them At All.)

  2. Nah, it's just because I never had that much love for Jen. Don't worry, I do mention her in the next post. Ignore the formatting issues, blogger is being a dick